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Why choose Oasis Solar Systems?

Why choose Oasis Solar Systems?

Here at Oasis Solar Systems, we carry Cyprus's most technologically advanced products. They are certified, tested, and manufactured using top-quality materials that are friendly to the environment and the user. We are certified professional installers that is required when you apply for all energy-related government schemes. When you buy an Oasis Solar system, you are buying a product that looks amazing and will work in peak performance for years to come, saving you energy, requiring minimal maintenance, and working silently in the background for all your water needs 24/7. At the end of your system's life, everything is recycled

Do you have products that can work and withstand extreme weather like very cold temperatures?

We do. At Oasis Solar Systems we trade and professionally install closed-circuit systems, suitable for extreme climates where the temperature drops below zero. Closed-circuit systems solve the problem of ice damage due to water freezing and damaging the inside piping of your solar collectors. They are fully protected from ice build-up and scale clogging. These anti-frost systems or closed-circuit systems are available on all our models.

How often will I need maintenance?

Yearly checkup/maintenance is recommended to keep the system working at peak performance and to ensure a long life of service

What materials do you use on your products? Are they environmentally friendly and recyclable?

Our products are manufactured using materials that not only are fully recyclable but friendly to the user and the environment. Copper cylinders and copper piping inside our panels eliminate any chance of any harmful chemicals escaping into the running water during use. Our plastic water tanks are also suitable for drinking water. We use galvanized steel for the metallic stands and complete aluminum casing for solar panels. Brass connections and copper piping will connect the system's different parts to guarantee top performance and top quality for hot and cold water use

How many ways are there to heat up the water?

Your system can use the sun to heat the water on sunny days. On winter days when clouds might prevent the system to achieve full functionality, you can use our standard immersion electrical heater in combination. In case you have central heating in the house or a fireplace, you can hook up your boiler provisions to heat your water

What should I take into consideration before deciding what system I need?

We offer free on-site advice on what system is right for you, your family and your business. The right system depends on a variety of factors like how many bedrooms are in the house, the orientation, and the type of roof your house will have or already has

What is the guarantee of your products?

We provide a 5-year guarantee on boilers, solar panels, metallic stands, and plastic water tanks. On selected parts like safety valves, expansion tanks, and pressure pump electronics 1-year. The pump itself is covered for 2 years. The guarantee does not cover the electrical element, scale build-up, or frost damage in open circuit systems. For the guarantee to be in effect, the system needs yearly check-ups and maintenance done only by our technicians or crew certified by the company

Are you a certified installer like the government requires?

Yes. All government schemes about hot water systems are covered.

Do you have the Solar Key Mark for your products?

Yes, our collectors carry the latest Solar Key Mark certification as required

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